Fulltone Secret Freq

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Fulltone Secret Freq(NOK 2.190,-)

Rockedrive med inntil 20dB midboost!



Fulltone Secret Freq:

Fulltone har gjort det igjen med en rock and roll overdrive som jobber i samme område som den klassiske OCD pedalen.
Hele trikset med pedalen er Freq-kontrollen, som kan gi inntil 20dB med boost i mellomtonen, og alle som har vært ute ei vinternatt vet at det er der man finner rockelyden.


What's this "Freq." knob?

Turn it Clockwise and my proprietary circuit adds as much as 20db of active narrow band juicy MIDRANGE right where it does the most good, it‘s like installing a wah-wah right where the distortion is being generated. But unlike turning on your wah-wah along with a distortion pedal, with the ‘Freq. the bass and treble frequencies don't disappear... Very unique, and not to be confused with a simple active or passive midrange control tacked on to the end of the circuit, as is the case with all other pedals you’ve tried with a “Mid” control. Adding the ‘Freq’s midrange imparts WAY more sustain and lets you easily place the guitar in the mix where you want it, irrespective of volume... soundman's not going to bury you anymore.

What's it sound like?

Along with a slew of basic great OD/Distortion pedal sounds, it allows you to replicate a very, very wide range of your favorite guitar & amp sounds. Remember that when the ‘Freq. knob is fully-counter-clockwise the Midrange enhancement effect is OUT of the picture and the pedal is a truly versatile and natural sounding pretty transparent OD/Distortion! At low to mid overdrive settings, turning the ‘Freq knob up a little gets hammer-of-the-Gods penetrating PUNCH!

At more extreme (clockwise) Freq settings?

Brings a smile to your face an evokes the coolest Jimmy Page, Brian May, Michael Schenker, Robin Trower, Tom Scholz tones that you just couldn’t previously get without a bunch of studio EQ, just the right setting on a great wah-wah, or a slew of British amps. I predict the Secret Freq. is going to become an indispensable part of many guitarist’s arsenals very soon.








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