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Carr Mercury




Carr Mercury 

Single end EL-34 med innebygget attenuator. 


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Carr Mercury

Carr mercury har et klassisk ytre design som bringer visjoner om forlengst sluttproduserte vintageamper. Innmaten derimot er ny og innovativ med sitt singleend EL-34 sluttrinn og sin 4-trinns justerbare BIAS attenuator. 

Selv med sine relativt små watt så er det ingen problemer med å bruke Carr Mercury på små klubbjobber. Som de fleste andre velbygde Boutique-amper så opereres det med relativt høymælte watt. 


  • Class A
  • Single-ended fixed bias EL-34 output stage
  • Single channel: bass, treble, reverb
  • 3-position boost switch
  • Treble cut switch
  • Built in 4 position attenuator (8, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watt)
  • Mercury 1x12 combo, or
  • New! Mini-Merc 1x10 combo



  • Mercury 1 (499k mp3) - Fender Telecaster, Mercury 1x12
  • Mercury 12 (721k mp3) - Gibson Les Paul Junior, Mercury 1x12


Artister og presse:

This Carr Mercury is a remarkably satisfying amp to play, both in the studio & live - it's real juicy. It'll grind, and the proprietary attenuator setting still sounds like you're cranking the l'il beast without any of that anemic effect one might expect: I'll take one please!

- David Torn


Fortunately, I get to try a lot of different amps. I love an amp that lets my guitars sound like guitars, a Les Paul should sound like a Les Paul, a Dano like a Dano, etc., with as little outside coloration as possible. It should be as transparent as possible while giving you that feeling that your guitar is coming alive. I have a bunch of amps to choose from and what can I say but my Carr is on the A-list in front of the mics in my studio and not in the back collecting dust and has been since it came out of the box. - Joe Perry


The Mini-Mercury is currently reviewed in the Holiday 2007 issue of Guitar World and the Mercury is currently reviewed in the 2007 edition of The Small Amplifier Book (JP).




Power - 10, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watts
Tubes - 2 12AX7, 1 12AT7, 1 EL34
Channels - 1
Controls - Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
Switches - 3-position Boost, Treble Cut, 4-position Output Power
Footswitch - No
Reverb - Yes
Effects Loop - No



1x12 Combo: Kr. 16.990,- 

1x10 Combo: Kr. 16.490,-


Be om pris for woodfront og customcolors. 
















I samarbeid med CRESCO tilbyr vi nå 9 måneders betalingsutsettelse ved kjøp av varer hos Vintagegitar.